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Essay on Status of Women in India for Students

Unfortunately, politicization of castes for election and other political interests is leading to a stronger demarcation between people of various castes. Technological innovations have changes even the common people’s way of life. Gas stoves and biogas lighting have brought a different feel to more and more villages. Agriculture in many regions makes use of machines and hybrid seeds.

indian society essay

Women’s health and wellbeing taking secondary place by practice is a social evil, especially when they go out for jobs to bear the economic burden of the household. They should be allowed to eat well, go to the gym, and have a good physical appearance on par with men, indicating good health. Gender roles are set, how a woman speaks, dresses and chooses a way to live her life is also decided by someone who is not a woman but still perceived to have some sort of power over women. The main problem that lies in society is the rules set for women, about conduct and behaviour. This is a long challenge women face today for an in-depth understanding in clear words and simple language that can be of help to every student who intends to gain knowledge on this subject. Master Teachers cater to teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for 6th to 12th grades across CBSE and ICSE Boards. To promote talent and potential, the Prices for Master Classes are very affordable.

In a country with the largest democracy where the goddesses are hailed and worshipped one might think women too are protected and enjoy safety. One can start a fundraiser and raise money to help the people who are going through the problems and contribute to such causes. Attending marches and protests and claiming public attention https://rashoka.in/ attracted a lot of attention that can certainly drive change in the right direction. Sexual exploitation at the workplace has been a concern and the me-too movement proved it occurs in every stratum. Women are not elected to be in power and decision making roles because they claim men are threatened by women bosses.

Status of Women in India Essay 1 (100 words)

They allow their children to take decisions and if any guidance is necessary, they provide those to them. Furthermore, the parents do not interfere much in the decision-making of the children. In this parenting style, no kind of negative reinforcement is given to the children which is otherwise not the case with the authoritarian parenting style.

Indian Culture and Tradition Essay

Poverty is both something that can be seen and something that people feel. Poverty is a condition that makes people less human because they can’t take care of their basic needs. Subjectively, poverty means feeling like you don’t have enough. Through recent times, self-consciousness and Education among women elevated their development and progress, empowering them and assuring them to pay the path of success in various fields. Currently, India does not have any shortage of women in the medical field, technical field, teaching field, legal sector, or any other occupation. India witnessed the growth of empowered women taking higher positions in various offices and institutions.

Poverty is a vicious circle and is the lack of money or material possessions. Social, political, as well as economic elements, contribute to poverty. These people have a low standard of living and poverty is the cause of many social evils. We never approve of such a deformed social and cultural chaos in our nation that was known for its warmth, empathy, and family traditions for over several hundred centuries. The decline in moral values in our social milieu has also manifested itself in large-scale violence and riots on religious grounds.

Social Media and its Adverse Impact on Indian Society – Essay/ Article

Human beings enjoy the maximum freedom and power for governing their habitat and environment. This power enables them to misuse the resources or exploit the not-so-privileged at will. Materialism, advanced technologies, and a lack of understanding of the basic cause of existence have led us to a degradation in our moral values. The most effective example is the POSH Acts 2013, which protects women against any kind of sexual harassment in the workplace. The first step is to start young and encourage them to speak up if any sort of discrimination and problems faced. The main role lies in adults as they should feel responsible for inculcating good values and provide them with a safe place to be themselves. This will encourage and empower them to take steps for themselves as well for those who cannot help themselves.

As India is recognised as land of diversity, so the impact of Covid-19 is diverse and countless. But, if we see the other side of reality, COVID-19 has impacted our society and that is for sure, but only adversely? That is the thing we need to analyse carefully and can’t be left without a brief discussion. In the lockdown period, multiple calls have been received on the helpline number made for the people going through domestic violence. Impact of Covid-19 has been multiple and not only limited to society at large.

Then came some prominent entities like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vivekananda, and others worked to enhance the status of women and eradicate the social evils against them that existed in society. Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi also emphasized on the abolition of child marriage and other evils. Soon, experts started providing martial arts and other training to women to help them acquire a better social position and be self-independent. The scenario of the caste system in India has altered due to social reformers such as Dr. Ambedkar and Raja Rammohan Roy, as no caste discrimination is now permitted. They actively fought for the rights of OBCs, STs, and other caste groups. But despite their struggles and development of society, the caste system continues to have a negative impact on people’s attitudes.


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