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24 Best Vastu Tips for Home- For Better Life & Prosperity

Here is the list of some home decor items meant to bring luck and prosperity. The placement of the kitchen, bathroom or a pillar/beam attracts negative energy. This could have an adverse effect on the health of your family members.

Vastu wisdom has also been embodied in the construction of metropolises, auditoriums , roads, townships, waterworks and colorful public spaces. Kitchenin the southeast, northwest, or never in the northeast direction. In the house interiors, plants still play a role as well as house harmony. It is also good to keep a tulsi/ neem plant at home as they are auspicious and help bring prosperity and positivity. In Gurgaon, Mega Realty Real Estate Agency offers adaptable Interior vastu tips Designing and Services.

vastu tips for home interior

The frontal door of your home should be made of wood to drink positive vibes. The color choices for different spaces in the house have their specific impact. It is prescribed to keep an obvious territory under the flight of stairs – you can use this region to fabricate drawers for shoe racks and so on. Additionally, it isn’t prescribed to manufacture a washroom or a puja room under the flight of stairs. Symmetrical- Also known as ‘Formal Balance’, it is characterized by an equal distribution of visual weight. The symmetrical balance tends to create a sense of order, formality, and calmness.

The aim is to make it seamless for everyone to get appealing designs at an affordable cost and furnish the home of their dreams. Heavy furniture such as beds or wardrobes should be kept in the southwest direction of your home. The living room should be in the north, east, or northeast direction of your home. Money plant should also constitute a part of your home in the south-east corner for attracting wealth and luck. Kitchen, known for the health and well-being of the inhabitants, should be in the south-east direction, if not possible, in the north-west. To conclude, Vastu Shastra is a powerful science which ensures good luck along with beauty. When you are planning to hire an interior designer, then why not opt for a designer who can make the place beautiful with some amazing tips given in Vastu and add some luck?

You can place them on walls facing east or north for best results. One of the latest things people use today to decorate their houses is mirrors. Mirrors tend to draw in a lot of positive energy, so it is very important to position the mirror correctly. Place the mirror facing east or north in the direction that the negative energy can be flushed away. Stop the mirror above the bed, allowing the couples to disagree.

Buddha at the Entrance

Perfect place for bed in master bedroom is towards South or West wall, so that while sleeping the person’s head is towards South or West and legs towards North or East. These colours are regarded as depressing and negative in Vasthu and should also be avoided on the floor and in carpets. Auspicious locations for the doctor are the south-west, south, and west. Facing north-east when treating patients enhances concentration.

Take the first step toward your dream house

Try to avoid putting the shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door. Always show a pair of objects in any bedroom paintings or photos. A lovely pair of swans, parrots, deer figurines, or paintings depicting lovers having fun together can be hung or displayed. The selection of different colours for different areas of the house can also have a distinct effect. For the sake of hygiene and good health, water placement is crucial. The door or entrance should have proper lights and a nameplate.

This is so because the sun rises in the east, allowing light and positivity to enter the home. Additionally, every colour has both positive and bad effects, according to Vastu. The direction and design of the doorway of your living space should be modified so that it attracts positive energy towards itself.

Paint your room dividers in neutral or natural shades as they emanate positive energy. Abstain from putting a fountain, or any other water element outside your main door. The location of the kitchen is correlated with the family’s prosperity and health.

Vastu Decorative Items for Living Room

Vastu advises using light coloured curtains for the bedroom whereas dark coloured curtains like red or black or dark grey can be used in the living room. You can always use heavy and dark curtains in the negative zone of the house matching them with the furniture. The main door entrance should be kept clean since it attracts positive energy. You can keep Buddha statues at the front door or dog statues to protect your home from negative energy and evil spirits. Vastu Shastra is a powerful science that helps you invite good luck, beauty and prosperity to your home. All you need to do is be aware of the directions when planning the design for your interiors. Place some Vastu decor elements in your home to augment its blissful environment.

We also offer turnkey interior solutions for those who want a hassle-free experience. – Relax and decompress after a long day of work with this positive bright colour. Green also signifies knowledge which makes it a perfect choice for a children’s bedroom. If your https://jatsworld.in/ entrance door needs to be installed on the north wall, also its north- east side would be the stylish place to make it. Installing fences is said to bring life to living room spaces. As per Vastu, fishing fences at homes are believed to heal several Doshas.

If the prayer area is in kitchen then keep it in the north-east corner of kitchen; you should face east while praying. As per pooja room vastu, north-east corner of home is best site for pooja place. Never keep artificial flowers, dried flowers , cactus/cacti or bonsai plants and are inauspicious. Do not hang any portrait depicting negative energy e.g. war, crime, weeping etc in the living area . Use light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green etc as wall colors for bedroom. If the house is multi-story then master bedroom in the South-West corner of the top floor is best.

Placing artworks in the north-east side of any room is the best. Also, one should avoid any water-related paintings in the bedroom. Interior designing is an important aspect of creating a beautiful and functional home or office. In Trivandrum, many people are turning to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture, for guidance on how to design their living and work spaces.


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